Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gift Caddie?

Gift Caddie is a free online service that enhances traditional gift-giving by showing your friends and family exactly what gifts you’d like. Gift Caddie helps them find the perfect gift whether it’s merchandise, cash, or the fulfillment of a secret wish. Because Gift Caddie co-brands with the top comparison shopping site,, you get access to a huge selection of great products at bargain prices.

How does Gift Caddie differ from an online wish list?

Gift Caddie is a social network that facilitates gift-giving between friends and family. It eliminates the need to juggle several online wish lists or create a separate registry for every special occasion. Gift Caddie solves the problem of unwanted, wasted gifts and lets you consolidate your gift preferences in one place. You can pull products off the internet, link to products you saw elsewhere, request cash, or share original gift ideas.

Like Facebook and other social networks, Gift Caddie lets you correspond with friends on site by using the friend-to-friend Message Board located on the My Account Page. With Gift Caddie, you’re only limited by your imagination.

How does Gift Caddie work?

After you register you’ll be directed to your My Gift Caddie Page and asked to start building your personal Gift Caddie --selecting items you like and want. After that, go to the My Account Page and begin inviting friends and family to see your Gift Caddie. Your invitees will receive a personal invitation with a direct link to your Gift Caddie. There’s no need for them to register to view your Gift Caddie or make a purchase.

Can I use my Facebook account?

Once you’re registered, you can log on Gift Caddie using your Facebook account. Additionally, use the Gift Caddie Facebook Blog to share gift ideas and stories with the Gift Caddie community.

How can I join Gift Caddie?

You need a valid email address and consent to the Terms of Service Agreement. You don’t need to receive an invitation to join.

Is there an age limit?

Users must be at least 13 years old. Parents can create Gift Caddie accounts for their children under 13. Refer to the Gift Caddie Terms of Service Agreement for more information.

Who can see my Gift Caddie?

Gift Caddie has no public viewing option. Only the people you invite or who invite you can see your Gift Caddie. Protect your privacy and membership status by only inviting people you know well and trust. Do not accept Gift Caddie invitations from people you do not know. You can add and delete people from your Gift Caddie friends list by going to the My Account Page. Report any abuses to Gift Caddie policies through our Contact Form.

How can I avoid receiving duplicate gifts?

Remove the item(s) from your Gift Caddie as soon as someone lets you know they intend to buy that gift for you. Registered Gift Caddie members can easily communicate with their friends by using the friend-to-friend Message Board located on the My Account Page.

What should I do if an item in My Gift Caddie is no longer for sale?

Sometimes an item you really love and want sells out quickly, this is especially true of women’s apparel. You can either search for another item to replace it, or avoid the problem entirely and buy the item for yourself as soon as you see it. Of course, you can use the Message Board to send friends a friendly reminder that the product you love is calling your name!

Does Gift Caddie recommend gifts?

Yes, the Gift Caddie Item Directory includes lots of gift ideas based upon high consumer ratings and current trends.

Can I send a thank you card?

Yes! Go to Gift Caddie’s gratuity page, Express Gratitude. Select from a number of gratuity products to say “thank you” when someone gives you that special gift.

What kind of gifts cannot be posted?

Ethnically or racially offensive material, illegal materials and substances, and pornography cannot be posted on Gift Caddie.

Will my privacy be protected?

We do not rent, sell, share, or otherwise provide your personal information to third parties for marketing purposes. All information you provide is protected by industry standards, protocols, and technology. However, we reserve the right to modify policies as noted in the Terms of Service Agreement at any time.